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Joaquin Sánchez Mariño practices journalism on the ground, covering topics related to social conflicts. He holds a degree in Social Communication and is the author of two novels and two non-fiction books. In 2019, he received the Outstanding Young Journalist award from INJUVE. In 2020, he gave his first TEDx talk. In 2021, he was selected by YouTube for the inaugural edition of their Independent Journalists Scholarship. He was invited by the United States Department of State to participate in a course on investigative journalism. He has worked for Revista Gente, La Nación, Red/acción, and Infobae. He has conducted fieldwork in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Venezuela, the Amazon, Mozambique, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, among other places. In 2022, he served as a correspondent in the Ukraine war for Infobae. Currently, he is working on a forthcoming project dedicated to journalism in the field.