The Ambassadors are young proactive and creative students who act in concordance with the values and objectives of the SABF. They are an essential component in the organization since they are the ones who transmit the spirit and concept of the Forum reaching places where the SABF team can not.

Ambassadors are the necessary connection between the students of their own universities or countries and the organizing team. Their role is to work in permanent contact with students, academic leaders and organizations, achieving a higher level of awareness of the SABF in their region by graphic and audiovisual means. Moreover, every possible contribution they may provide regarding different aspects of the organization, such as useful contact information, is welcome.


German Menichetti

Josue Francisco Laszeski

Johana Lucía Godetti Betio

Aaron Lozano

Narena Assefh


Wara Milagros Callejas Ramos

Jael Carolina Caballero Torrez

Danna Lupe Guzman Apaza


Nathan Simões

Isabella Oliveira da Cruz

Fernanda Jayne Pereira Da Silva


Amar Marouf


José Ignacio Reyes


Juan Diego Ortiz Moreno

El Salvador

Wendy Xiomara Barrera Rivas

Paola Yesenia Torres Zelaya

Nathaly Alejandra Tejada Chicas


Marcelo David Benitez Vera

Fernando Viana


Claudia Gianella Ale Flores

Natalia Guerra-García Balcázar

Ricardo Castillo Córdova

Marisol Solange Matienzo Leon

Mayra Medrano


Tariro Mandaza

For more information, contact the Student Relations department:

Candela Fagnani
Julián Bergman
Chiara Demaría
Juan Martín Barmasch