The Ambassadors are young proactive and creative students who act in concordance with the values and objectives of the SABF. They are an essential component in the organization since they are the ones who transmit the spirit and concept of the Forum reaching places where the SABF team can not.

Ambassadors are the necessary connection between the students of their own universities or countries and the organizing team. Their role is to work in permanent contact with students, academic leaders and organizations, achieving a higher level of awareness of the SABF in their region by graphic and audiovisual means. Moreover, every possible contribution they may provide regarding different aspects of the organization, such as useful contact information, is welcome.


Juan Bautista Viola

Shirley Squetino Nicholson

Rafael Dalzotto

Lucia Melnitzky


Joel Patrick Navia Ortuño

Ivonne Andrea Anave Zenteno


Andressa Reis

Juan Carlos Oliveira Da Silva


Darian Ignacio Figueroa Pérez

Rocío Fernanda Vergara Zurita


Juan David Sánchez Ramírez

María Camila Palacio Hernández


Andrea Parrales Vera

El Salvador

Gabriela Abigail Vásquez Castillo


Silvia Alejandra Miranda Loredo


Carlos Sebastián Duarte Brítez


Nicole Stephanie Meza Rodríguez

Brisa Arroyo Cerna

Leydi Quispe

Eliane Shantal Soto Quispe

Lucciana Débora Chambilla Mamani

Jackelinne Susanne Ponce Paredes

United States

Brendan Frizzell

For more information, contact the Student Relations department:

Santiago Mainardi
María Agustina Casas Fernández
Juan Bautista Albertoni
Carolina Laurenza
Fernanda Cattaneo