Beyond the Established

2nd Aug - 4th Aug, 2024

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Training the leaders of tomorrow

The SABF is an event that takes place annually during the 3rd Quarter. Each year the forum receives 100 outstanding university students from around the world together with 40 leaders of business, technological, political and academic areas.

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Dialogue between generations

The event explores topics of global relevance and particularly applicable to the reality of South America. We expect that, through dialogue and the interaction between the current leaders and the future leaders, a contribution to the sustainable development of the region can be made.

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Featured Speakers

Nicholas Negroponte

Edition 2019

Daniel Leslie

Edition 2022

Guadalupe Nogués

Edition 2019

Jon "maddog" Hall

Edition 2018

Rob Britton

Edition 2022

Rick Dow

Edition 2019

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Our Community

"SABF is an incredible opportunity to dive into the most pressing global issues, specifically those impacting South America. Imagine being in a room with current and future leaders from diverse backgrounds, all coming together to spark dialogue and debate. The outcome? Developing innovative plans for sustainable development in South America and the world, by exchanging perspectives and ideas. This is not just an event, it's a chance to be a part of shaping the future and promoting the values needed for a sustainable world. SABF is a once in a lifetime opportunity to truly make a difference and be a part of something bigger than yourself."

Amar Charles Marouf, SABF 2022 Participant - (Canada)

"The SABF is a space of diversity for dialogue, discovery, and co-creation, where 100 young people from different countries gather to share about how to make their communities better from their passions. That's why I believe it's "a space to create from diversity.""

Claudia Ale Flores, SABF 2022 Participant - (Peru)

"The SABF is a gathering of young people from around the world where diversity is the main spice. It is a space that goes beyond academic learning provided by speakers and also facilitates the exchange of ideas, culture, and different perspectives among participants. In just a few days, you can get a glimpse of what's happening in other parts of the world, debate, compare situations, and nourish yourself in a unique way, as well as meet new people and form unique friendships."

Fernando Viana, SABF 2022 Participant - (Paraguay)

SABF was recognized on the 'Positive Actions' contest by the Swiss Commerce Chamber

This contest highlights those who have had a positive impact on society, and we are pleased to announce that the South American Business Forum won first prize in the 'Youth' category, highlighting our work in education, employment and volunteering. We thank the Swiss Commerce Chamber for the appreciation.