2nd Aug - 4th Aug, 2024

Buenos Aires, Argentina



The Application Period is Closed


University Students


Spanish and English


Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires

Main Schedule

2nd/ August


A space designed to welcome everyone and get to know each other!

Plenary sessions

Talks and panels of speakers, suited to the topics of the edition. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions afterward to enrich the discussion and exchange.


A closing plenary session where we will go over all of the recent activities, to give closure to the first SABF day.

3rd/ August

Student Presentations

Presentations given by fellow participants, which allow for a connection between different cultures.

Interactive Workshops

Workshops with speakers, given to a reduced audience. These will dive into more specific aspects of the topics of the edition.

Dynamic activities

Group activities during which you will be able to put into practice the knowledge and experience acquired.

Mentoring sessions

Discussions in even more reduced groups with mentors, which allow one-on-one discussions with them. Ideal to evaluate the visions and learnings that you absorbed during the SABF.

4th/ August

SABF Spaces

Spaces with activities to relax with other participants, during which you’ll be able to choose what to do. From origami to conversations with mate*!

Closing Speech

We say goodbye to another edition with a closing speech to pause and ponder about the SABF experience and its impact on our daily lives.

(*) mate: a local infusion consisting of yerba mate and hot water, meant to be shared.

Note: this schedule is subject to change.