The SABF organizing team is composed entirely of students from different mayors of the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) who voluntarily dedicate their time for the realization of the conference. The team is divided into five departments: Student Relations, Fundraising, Speakers, Media & Communication, Information Technology, each one of them essential to achieve a conference of excellence.

If you would like to know more about the organizing team and how to be part of it, contact us at



Rob mesa de trabajo 1Roberto Chá
Cata mesa de trabajo 1Catalina

Student Relations

Gonza mesa de trabajo 1Gonzalo BalassanianStudent
Cami mesa de trabajo 1Camila HacheliasStudent
Fran 2 mesa de trabajo 1Francisco AndiaStudent Relations (Head)
Agus mesa de trabajo 1Agustín BlackStudent
Mati mesa de trabajo 1Matías OrozcoStudent


LubeLucila BettigaFundraising (Head)
Mati apaMatías ApablazaFundraising
NicoNicolás De LeónFundraising
FranFrancisco BonomiFundraising


ClariClara GuzzettiSpeakers (Head)
AgusAgustina AttasSpeakers

Media & Communication

SantiSantiago LaboniaMedia &
MartuMartina MásperoMedia &
CaroCarolina MondinoMedia & Communication (Head)
PabloPablo MilanoMedia &

Information Technology

MaruMarina FusterInformation Technology (Head)
NachitoIgnacio VidaurretaInformation Technology