Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires

The Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) is an argentine university whose mission is to educate professionals in the engineering area including disciplines related to economy, who become committed to the country’s global development and competitive at the international level. The mission also comprises research and university extension activities, as well as project advice to industrial companies and social institutions.

ITBA was founded on November 20th, 1959, with the teaching of Engineering in all the specialities, and sea science as the final objective. The purpose of this specialisation was to reach, in time, a high quality grade in teaching, which would turn the university into an excellence centre.

ITBA’s vision includes to be acknowledged as a leading university for the teaching of engineering, related disciplines, and sea sciences within the Argentine academic system, at the same level of the best technological institutes in the world.

ITBA has constructed a university reduced in its general dimensions but very important at the academic performance and influence in the Argentinean society. To its classes attend 1.400 undergraduates students, graduating approximately 200 engineers each year, which represents the 10% of the total engineers graduated in the country annually.

SABF is the result of the students community of ITBA, it is thanks to the university support and everyone who is part of it that the conference can be a success each year.

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