Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is formed by a group of distinguished individuals, strongly committed to the forum in its several editions. Their role is advising the Council in the outlining of the organization’s long term strategy and assisting the forum’s current organizing team in specific requirements. They also contribute with feedback and ideas on improvements that can be implemented on the conference and on the topics that will be discussed. Through the experience and skill of the members of the Board of Trustees, the SABF gains an invaluable contribution in its ever constant search for excellence.

Britton, Rob

Principal, AirLearn.

Dow, Rick

Principal at The DOJO Group.

Luzuriaga, Diego

Co-founder Equitas Ventures.

Peña, Félix

Director of the Institute of International Trade, ICBC Foundation.

Roces, José Luis

Dean, ITBA.

SABF Council

The Council is a team formed by former members of the organizing team, who are aligned with the spirit of the SABF and are committed to the same mission. The tasks of the Council include setting goals and defining strategies, considering the medium and long term. In addition, the Council advises the organizing team when needed.

Agustín Ferreira

Candelaria Zangari

Federico Cimini

Guillermina Bond

Lautaro Gonzalez

Luciana Montivero

Luciano Blachman

Santiago Maiztegui

Sofia Fraga