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María Agustina
Nicolás López

The Ambassadors are young proactive and creative students who act in concordance with the values and objectives of the SABF. They are an essential component in the organization since they are the ones who transmit the spirit and concept of the Forum reaching places where the SABF team can not.

Ambassadors are the necessary connection between the students of their own universities or countries and the organizing team. Their role is to work in permanent contact with students, academic leaders and organizations, achieving a higher level of awareness of the SABF in their region by graphic and audiovisual means. Moreover, every possible contribution they may provide regarding different aspects of the organization, such as useful contact information, is welcome.

Our Ambassadors for the thirteenth edition are:


Gabriel Diaz(
Andre Courreges(
Micaela María Delfino(
Josefina Barra(
Iván Levy(
Carolina Zaccato(
Agostina Sicardi(
Adriano Orlandi(


Mariana Guimaraes Rosa(
Debora Rodrigues Dias(


Bárbara Alejandra Leyton Echeverría(


Jose Luis Pullopaxi Navarrete(

El Salvador

Abraham Soto(
Douglas Torres(


Gabriel Ganev Keubgen(


Carlos Zuniga(


Sahil Chhabra(


Katherine Sánchez Huamán(
Melissa Halanocca(


Marissa Foo(

South Africa

Qhayiya Beza(


Luis Carlos Pariente González(


Simon Wang(

United Kingdom

Andrea Zorzetto(


Romina Dominzaín(


  • Being an ex-participant of the Forum.

  • Being a regular undergraduate student, or graduate student born after January 1st, 1990 or a student who finished their studies (graduate or undergraduate) in 2015 or 2016 and were born after January 1st, 1990.

If you meet the requirements and are interested in being an Ambassador, you must write a letter answering the following questions:

1. Why are you interested in being an Ambassador?

2. How can you contribute to the SABF’s community and vice versa?

3. In which ways can you help diffuse the SABF?

You can contact the Student Relations Department at