Sabf about vision

“Bringing together current and future leaders in order to generate opportunities to contribute, from South America, to the sustainable development of the world.”

The Forum brings together national and international leaders from the business, academic and intellectual spheres, who will share three days of dialogue with a group of 100 outstanding students from the whole world in order to build genuine values for a sustainable development. We believe that building values today will lead towards better decisions tomorrow.

We trust that students working together can generate a significant impact in the welfare and development of their regions.


Sabf about mision

“Creating a leadership forum which, through debate and free exchange of opinions, can raise leaders’ awareness of their responsibility in achieving the sustainable development of the world.”

The South American Business Forum’s mission is to bring together current and future leaders, regardless of generation and nationality, through the development of a platform for dialogue and debate. This invaluable exchange of perspectives will lead to the creation of plans that should produce strategies to support the sustainable development of South America and the world.

The Forum’s ideal is to promote the values that leaders should embrace to contribute to progress in the region. The SABF team strongly believes that this event is a unique opportunity to make a direct contribution to society.